• Sonali Nair CMP, DES, HMCC, MIE

How do I write my Event Purpose & Mission Statement?

Why do we want to host these events?

The answer to this question is your Event Purpose.

Every event has a purpose, for instance, to increase employee engagement, increase revenue or build your brand. For every purpose, there is a specific type of event, so it all ties back to what your organizational goals are, what type of event you choose and how that event can be instrumental in achieving your desired goals.

Goals need to be SMART+ I specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely, and inclusive. You want to write goals that align with your organizational goals focused on a goal that is achievable and most importantly inclusive- we want to involve not just the stakeholders in our Event’s mission but employees, customers, and suppliers directly/indirectly

to achieve the desired results.

There can be different event specific ‘Purpose Statements’ however the

companywide Events Mission Statement can only be one.