• Sonali Nair CMP, DES, HMCC, MIE

How to kick-start your Event Strategy?

Writing down the details of your strategy can be stressful and mindboggling. The best way to create a strategy is to go with the flow step by step. First and foremost, let’s prepare ourselves with the basics of our Event Strategy.

Think of your Event Strategy as a business plan for your start-up. Without a business plan in place, any start-up or for that matter any company cannot function, why? because then they will not just be confused but no goal to strive, no clarity on the target audience or go-to-market strategy. It’s like having a recipe without its ingredient list. Take a pen and paper or open up your Evernote and start with the elements you need to prepare first - to draft an event strategy that'll set you up for success.

1. Understand your Organizational Goals

2. Align your Event goals with Organizational goals

3. Write your Event Purpose & Mission Statements

4. Time your Events

5. Analyze your resource pool.

6. Shortlist your Event Technology Tools

7. Content Strategy

8. Measure