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  • Sonali Nair CMP, DES, HMCC, MIE

Let's dive into Event Technology

Event Technology tools can be very useful throughout the event planning

process. While some of the original event planning tools and methodologies are still in practice for example use of excel sheets to store registration data or PowerPoint for presentations during the event. If timesaving and efficiency are your goals, think about going all savvy with new presentation design tools like Prezi, Projeqt, Haiku Deck, or the intuitive

Event Registration Tools that can track and analyze your registration data

and footprints.

Making your attendees drag around the event with paper event guides and schedule is a not only inconvenient, costly, inefficient way to relay information but also not at all eco-friendly. Give your attendees a better experience by using event mobile apps like CrowdCompass, QuickMobile, EventFriendly, etc.

Gone are the days when you had to hand-write pages of long RFPs and fax them to venues or suppliers. There are tools available for practically every event aspect to make our event planning and execution seamless and time-saving. A great example of why choosing technology solutions can help improve ROI’s - you can monetize your No’s. Yes, you got that right. With a combination of Event Survey tools and Integration software, you can

seamlessly transfer your Event feedback/survey data to your CRM tools and track/analyze customer behavior, activities, interests, pain points, and leads.

Considering your event budget, dive into your resource pool and see if your company is using any event technology tool or not. Do you have any tie-ups that you can leverage? Trust me when I say that there is an event tech tool for every event function like:

• Event Registration tool

• Event ROI Calculator

• Attendee Engagement

• Seating Arrangement tool

• Event Messaging App

• Mobile Apps

• Event Proposal Software

• Venue Sourcing Tool

• Event Check-in tool

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